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Jacob Family History

    The earliest known Jacob ancester was Robert Jacob, who was born in Germany (probably around 1820). His wife Amy Liberman(I could not read her name from Robert Ephram Jacob's Death certificate, but this is what it looked like.) was also born in Germany.
    In 1844, Robert and Amy had a son whom they named Robert Ephram Jacob. He was born in Germany.
    Robert Ephram Jacob was married to a Latvian born woman named Marie Freiman who was 20 years younger than he.
    Robert and Marie had five children together Robert (1885), Marie (1886), Emilie(1887), Fredrick (1889), and Julius(1891), all of whom were born in Lithuania.
    The Jacobs were definatly part of the 'tired, poor and huddled masses' when they came through Ellis Island. They came to the U.S. with the minimum required amount of money, with dreams of streets paved with gold.
    Emilie Jacob was apparently the first to come to the US, sometime before 1906.
    Emilie sent for her sister Marie who arrived in early 1906 aboard the Neckar (North German Loydd Line). According to the passenger ship list, Marie arrived with only $10 in her possession. She may have had more, as it was not unusual for immigrants to distrust government officials, and sometimes sewed money or valuables into their clothing, and declaring the minimum amount nessessary to be allowed into the United States.
    In 1906, Emilie married Friedrich Pollman. Emilie was only 18 years old, and Fred was 31. They lied on their marriage license making her 21 years old, and him 30 years old.
    Fred Pollman sent for her three brothers, Fredrick, Robert, and Julius who arrived in the port of New York (Ellis Island) 14 Jan 1907 aboard the Chemnitz (North German Loydd Line). Each of the three brothers claimed only $15 in their possession.
    Robert Ephram, and Marie Freiman Jacob also came to the United States, but I have not been able to identify when. In 1921, Fredrick was a boarder with Ludwig and Martha Krompltz, when Martha's sister Emma arrived in the U.S. Emma and Fredrick fell head over heels in love, and were married about a month later. Emma's family did not think that Emma should marry Fredrick.
    They all settled in New Kensington, Westmoreland County, PA, later moving to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA, and Salineville, Columbiana County, OH. Today, the Jacob line is spread throughout the United States in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, and New York, to name a few places.

Gross Family History

The Gross Family traces at back to Taurage, Lithuania. Emma Marie Gross, and her younger brother Richard arrived in the US on 18 Jun 1921 aboard the SS Rotterdam IV. Their passage was paid for by their brother-in-law Ludwig Kromptlz. Ludwig Krompltz was the husband of Martha Gross, who had come over sometime earlier. There is also another brother John Gross whom I don't know when he came over. They immigrated to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It has been suggested there was a jewish ancester in this line.

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